• G'on Now, Git!

    I’ve got this ridiculous screenshot saved somewhere on an old hard drive of my friend Rohan trying to explain Git to me when I first started programming. He was a CS major who’d been programming for years before college, and I was a chemical engineering major who’d almost failed my MATLAB course, so naturally everything went over my head, right? No. I mean, it did all go over my head, but not naturally. I fully believe Git is understandable at the level you’ll need for day to day work in a few minutes (hence this blog post).

  • How to Read Python Stack Traces

    No matter how good of a programmer you are, you will write code that breaks. Being able to read broken code is a valuable skill. Code fails more than it succeeds [citation needed]

  • Evaluation vs Execution in Python

    Most people, when they’re introduced to Python, are told it’s run top to bottom.

  • Writing Custom Lint Rules

    Back in March I wrote a post about introducing linting to this blog and at the end I said I’d follow up when I started adding custom lint rules. That time is now!

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