• Linting a Jekyll Blog with Mega-Linter

    A friend of mine introduced me to Gwern’s blog a while back. Some of the posts are interesting, and they’re definitely well written. And even though I didn’t become a regular reader, one thing that caught my eye was the meta section of the About page where they talk about various technical aspects of the blog, including custom linters.

  • Comically Valid Syntax in Python

    Sometimes you run across something in Python that looks like it should generate a syntax error but doesn’t. Here’s a monstrosity I ran into this morning.

  • Being Able to Answer Stupid Questions

    One of my favorite things about knowing how to program is the ability it gives me to do really stupid things. Not like, hacking the government or stealing money or anything, just satisfy my brain’s silly curiosity.

  • Quality of Life Aliases

    One of the things that I miss most about working in an office with coworkers is knowledge sharing.

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