Most people have already heard of the Parable of the Pottery Class (if you haven’t, my favorite rendition of it is Hank Green’s). According to this post the source of the story is Art & Fear, but I’ve never read it. The point is: I’m going to take a pottery based approach to this blog. I want to try a lot of things out and see what sticks.

I’ve got a list of one-off topics to write about, and also some post-generating ideas like

  • doing 1-2 month long challenges
  • writing reviews of books or tools
  • reading and reflecting on papers
  • writing tutorials
  • writing stories about working as a SWE
  • documenting side projects
  • reflections on writing this blog and adding features

The hope is I find a bit of a rhythm in one or more of these things. Your patience is appreciated as I find my voice.

One of the benefits of having a blog is forcing yourself to ask the question “what can I write about better than other people?” If you don’t like the (lack of) answers to that question, well, time to come up with something you’d like to be able to write about. “Second best time to plant a tree” and all that.

For now, I’m going to start by adding a few features to this blog. Look forward to a couple of posts on that process coming soon!